Two WorldsEdit

There are 2 different worlds. 

1. New World

The New World has the 3 nations: Bellator, Maquina and Sanctus

2. Other World

It is unknown how many nations there are in the Other World, however we can assume there definitely one kingdom which is up against wandering souls.

Most pirates tend to come from the New World, however there are a few exceptions such as Andred the Victorious.

Travelling Between Both WorldsEdit

Pirates from the Other World can be summoned to the New World. 

Pirates from the New World can be called from the Other World which allows them to travel to the Other World. 

When a pirate from the New World mindlessly answers the eerie voice that calls out their name, they will arrive at a world (assumed to be the Other World) they have never seen before. 

It is unknown whether pirates can travel between both worlds without fulfilling a certain requirement. 

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