Tiger Hunter is an event skill that is granted to certain pirates during the Buccaneer Rosa Raid Event.

The name of this skill is derived from the fact that Buccaneer Rosa is one of the Five Tigress Generals of Bellator. The Tiger Hunter skill is granted to 6 pirates for the duration of the event. It imparts a percent damage amplification to an attack on Buccaneer Rosa, and it is activated as long as the player owns the pirate who has the skill, even if the pirate is not in the attack crew.

All of the pirates who have Tiger Hunter are obtainable through the Jolly Roger Rescue; however, for the duration of the event, a special 'Tiger Hunter Rescue' is also available, where the rescue pool consists of the 6 pirates who have the Tiger Hunter skill and the cost is equal to a single Jolly Roger Rescue (300 gold). Note that toward the end of the event, there is usually a promotional deal attatched to the Tiger Hunter Rescue, generally including a Roast Chicken and a Kraken Draught (Jug) with each rescue.

After the event ends, the Tiger Hunter skill becomes hidden and all of the pirates who had the skill for the event are returned their normal ones.

Tiger Hunters
Pirate Tiger Hunter Level Damage Amplification
Eris max

Healer Eris

1 20%
Solace poison

Poison Priestess Solace

2 30%
Piculet max

Trustless Piculet

3 50%
Sasha max

Orient Assassin Sasha

4 60%
Jillian max

Jillian the Slayer

5 100%
Pearl max

Resplendent Pearl

5 100%

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