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The Ticket Rescue is one of many available rescues in Pirate Maidens.

Each rescue costs 10 Tickets, guaranteed Rare or better. Fairy Queen Quartz, Divine Punisher Ellain, Lenore the Acrobat and Patriot Reesa are exclusive to this rescue.

These tickets can be gathered trough few Bonus Story Rewards and also as bonus extra from purchase in Gold Rescue

Current lineupEdit

It is possible to rescue the following pirates:





Removed piratesEdit

The following pirates have been sent to Davey Jones Locker (i.e. removed from the Ticket Rescue):

Name Remove date
Cinta the Charmed ?
Fern the Exuberant 2014-01-13
Relentless Atara 2014-01-13
Orient Assassin Sasha 2014-01-13
Sergeant Ellan 2014-01-13
Astrologer Silvia 2014-01-13
Orient Assassin Sasha* 2013-12-18
Dark Devil Peron 2013-12-18
Trustless Piculet 2013-12-18
Resplendent Pearl 2013-12-18
Jillian the Slayer 2013-12-18

Note*: Sasha was said to be removed but was not until later.

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