The Lost Codex Event is a Rescue Event. Players can collect Codex Fragments and spend them in hopes of rescuing limited edition pirates.

Event Duration:

  • April 4, 2014 - April 21, 2014 @ 11:59 PM (GMT-7)


Players can acquire Codex Fragments from the following methods:

  • Winning a Guild Brawl: +1
  • Personal Brawl Victory: +1 (chance)
  • Pillage in Story: +1 (chance)
  • Login Bonus: +4 (+5 in power deadlock)
  • Gold Rescue: +4
  • Tidal Wave Rescue: +44
  • Step-Up Rescue: +??


  • A player has a better chance of getting a Codex Fragment from a personal brawl victory if the opponent has a higher level than the player.
  • A player has a higher chance of getting a Codex Fragment from a personal brawl if the opponent has a defense skill activate.
  • Watermelons can only be found in the latest Chapter, Act, and Episode of the story.
  • Login Bonus is the same, regardless of the winning nation and your currently aligned nation.
  • Players do not receive Pirate Tickets from the Gold Rescue or the Tidal Wave Rescue during the event.
  • Players can find the Limited pirates in the Gold Rescue, and are guaranteed at least one from an 11x Tidal Wave Rescue.
  • Special packs containing various numbers of Codex Fragments can be bought from the shop for gold.

Pixie Farming/SpammingEdit

For more info about this tactic, click here.

Pixie farming/spamming is a way to collect large amounts of Codex Fragments in a very cost effective manner. Guilds often set up agreements on who to pixie farm in each guild during these rescue events.

Mysterious RescueEdit

Mysterious Rescue (20 Codex Fragments):

A rescue with the chance to pull a card from a very large pool of cards, including current event cards for this event and cards from past events.

Super Mysterious Rescue (40 Codex Fragments):

The Super Mysterious Rescue is the same as the regular Mysterious Rescue, but with an increased chance of pulling one of the 8 special event cards, listed below:

There is no guarantee this time that you will get one of the 8 special event cards.

Brawl Rankings RewardsEdit

To be implemented

Personal Rankings Hall of FameEdit


Guild Rankings Hall of FameEdit


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