The Take Saraid's Treasure Event is a Rescue Event in which players collect Keys and can spend them in hopes of rescuing limited edition pirates. Additionally, there is a global reward for every player based on how many Keys are spent in total over the course of the event.

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Players can acquire Keys from the following methods:

  • Winning a Guild Battle: +1
  • Personal Brawl Victory: +1 (chance)
  • Pillage in Story: +1 (chance)
  • Login Bonus: +4
  • Gold Rescue: +4
  • Tidal Wave Rescue: +44

Keys can be spent on the Key Rescue for 20 Keys per rescue, or on the Super Key Rescue for 40 Keys per rescue. The Super Rescue guarantees a limited edition pirate, while the Regular Rescue has a chance of Pixies as consolation. See next section for the contents of the Event Rescue.


  • A player has a better chance of getting a Key from a personal brawl victory if the opponent has a higher level than the player.
  • A player has a higher chance of getting a Key from a personal brawl if the opponent has a defense skill activate.
  • Keys can only be found in the latest Chapter, Act, and Episode of the story.
  • Login Bonus is the same, regardless of the winning nation and your currently aligned nation.
  • Players do not receive Pirate Tickets from the Gold Rescue or the Tidal Wave Rescue during the event.
  • Players can find the Limited pirates in the Gold Rescue, and are guaranteed at least one from a  Tidal Wave Rescue.
  • Boxes of Keys could be bought from the shop with varying numbers of Keys.

Key RescueEdit

Players either rescue a Limited Edition Pirate or a Pixie as consolation.

Limited Edition Pirates:


Brawl Ranking RewardsEdit

To Be Implemented

Global Player RewardEdit

Rewards are given to all players based on each threshold of Keys spent.

Global Player Reward
Reward # of Keys


Kienna gold
Reesa 3star gold
Fire Walker Melone gold


Reesa 4star Gold


Fire Walker Melone gold


Hall of FameEdit



This event was bugged in which the Pirate Shop sold boxes of keys for 0 gold, allowing players to easily obtain event cards.

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