The Super Cheerleader Box is a special type of rescue, available from February 1, 2013 to February 5, 2013. Because it is not explicitly named a rescue, it is available through the store rather than the rescue page; however, all of its contents are pirates, and could thus be classified as a rescue.


Each Super Cheerleader Box costs 499 gold coins and contains exactly 1 pirate each.  Pirates currently available from the Super Cheerleader Box:

Rare: Gold Broad Axe Galila, Lonesome Marlene, Sniper Cecil, Healer Eris, Polar Explorer Amber, Morisa the Scallywag

Rare+: Sea Thief Talisa, Dark Night Cherron, Starlit Sky Liliana, Lunar Eclipse Naomi, Solar Flare Nina

Super Rare: Fairy Master Sapphire, Light Admiral Harpo

Super Rare+: Battle-wise Athena

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