This is a work in progress detailing the dialogue of the Maquina story line.

Chapter 1 - The EyewitnessEdit

Act 1 Start Animation - Bellator Infiltration

Mech Kingdom: Capital City of Automaton

Gearsmith: Thank you for coming so quickly.

Gearsmith: We don't know each other well yet, but I have a special request.

Gearsmith: I want you to travel to a village in Bellator's territory.

Gearsmith: And in 26 hours, pay special attention to the region at the center of the village and record what happens.

Reesa: Record what happens? That's it?

Gearsmith: Yes. You are not to engage in anything else.

Gearsmith: Also, if anyone from Bellator sees you, they must not know of your affiliation with Maquina.

Reesa: I see. That's why you're using pirates instead of your own soldiers?

Gearsmith: I'm glad you understand.

Gearsmith: There is no war right now, but the tension is strong enough that sending my forces could relight the fire.

Gearsmith: And now, you'd best be on your way. You don't have too much time.

Act 1 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Chain Mistress Abia

Reesa: Okay. We need to set sail for Bellator.

Reesa: Sanctus, Maquina, and Bellator have been going at each other for ages. There's a cease-fire right now, but--

Reesa: We can't afford to let the guards see us. We'd better sneak in behind them.

??? (Abia): Halt! What're you doing here?

Reesa: Haha-- Of course someone spots us right away.

??? (Abia): Avast! I am Chain Mistress Abia of the Artemis Clan!

??? (Abia): I can tell by one long, hard look at you that you're nothing but low down pirates.

Abia: Surrender yourselves to me!

Act 2 Start Animation - The Dragon Awakens

Reesa: We're almost to the village.

Reesa: Let's go get a good view of the village! How about we sit on the tip of that hill over there?

Reesa: You know, I wonder what's going to happen? The Gearsmith never said.

Reesa: Okay, almost time-- Want a countdown to the big event?

Reesa: There's 60 seconds. I'm so excited, I don't think I can contain myself!

Reesa: 25-- 24-- This village is so peaceful. It doesn't LOOK like anything is about to happen--

Reesa: 10-- 9--Almost there. 5-- 4-- 3-- 2-- 1--

??? (Dragon): BRAAAAAAH!

Reesa: Blimey! A DRAGON! And it popped out of the ground!

Reesa: THIS is what the Gearsmith was talking about?

Reesa: Oh! And it's HEADING THIS WAY! Captain! RUN!

Act 2 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Alexa the Cunning

Reesa: Did we lose it? It won't come after us again, right?

Abia: Stop! Pirates!

Reesa: Ugh! Not her again!

Abia: You embarrassed me last time! But this time will be different!

Abia: Alexa, are you ready?

Alexa: I'm ready to go all-out any time!

Alexa: Just don't forget you promised a treat! You won't get my service again if you don't follow through!

Abia: I know! Now let's get moving!

Abia: I am Chain Mistress Abia of the Artemis Clan!

Alexa: And I'm Alexa. Here goes!

Chapter 2 - Captive ProphetEdit

Act 1 Start Animation - An Unhappy Ending

Reesa: Man, I'm exhausted after going at it with those two. I can't wait to get back to Maquina and hop into bed.

Abia: *pant* Maquina--?

Abia: Why is someone from Maquina here?

Mech Nation: Capital City of Automaton

Reesa: We're finally back. I just wanna take a nice, hot bath--

??? (Idola): You certainly took your sweet time returning.

Idola: By the authority of the Gearsmith, you are under arrest.

Reesa: WHAT?! But I don't like handcuffs!


Reesa: Why do you have to take us to a place like this?!

Idola: Rumors are circulating that Maquina is behind the awakening of the Immortal Dragon.

Idola: The Gearsmith was quite clear that you were to ensure you were not discovered.

Reesa: I-It wasn't our fault!

Idola: No excuses!

Idola: The Gearsmith does not take failure lightly!

Idola: Now, welcome to your new home. I made sure they washed it out with spoiled milk just for you!

Idola: Get in there!

Reesa: Hell no! Hah! How do you like that?!

Idola: Eek!

Idola: You-- locked me in here! It stinks in here! Let me out this instant!

Reesa: I'm NOT going to jail! Time for a prison break, Captain!

Act 1 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Pistol Whip Idola

Idola: You-- How DARE you lock me in that filthy cell!

Reesa: Leave us alone!

Idola: It's time you learned the price for disobedience!

Idola: One shot from my massive gun will knock you flat on your back!

Reesa: Not that it doesn't sound fun, but I think we'll pass.

Idola: I'm sending you back to your stinky cell!

Act 2 Start Animation - Prison Break

Reesa: Captain, any idea what we should do?

??? (Zahar): You must be the pirates, I foresaw.

Reesa: Eek! Don't startle me like that!

Reesa: Who are you?!

Reesa: They've got you in manacles too-- What did you DO?

Zahar: I'm Zahar. I angered the Gearsmith, so she sent me here. It's been many years since I saw the light of day.

Reesa: But-- that's horrible! Captain, we have to help her!

Zahar: Thank you. I'll lend a hand where I can.

Zahar: It should be good for a laugh at least.

Act 2 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Pistol Whip Idola 2

Idola: Gah-- There you are--

Reesa: Whaaaa?! Captain, she just keeps coming!

Idola: And who's with you? --Zahar?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Idola: Do you have any idea who she is? That [is] the prophet Zahar!

Reesa: Prophet?

Idola: She's a witch whose predictions of disaster have caused chaos in Maquina?! Even now--

Zahar: My prediction came true then? The Immortal Dragon did awake in Bellator.

Reesa: Predictions of disaster? Immortal Dragon? Does that mean our mission--

Idola: Was to verify her prophecy. That's right.

Idola: We'd much rather this witch's predictions were false.

Reesa: Huh? Why's that?

Idola: Never you mind! Now go back to your cells!

Chapter 3 - Mermaid EncounterEdit

Act 1 Start Animation - A New Mission

Gearsmith: That's enough.

Zahar: Oh, Gearsmith, it's been so long since your last visit. I was beginning to feel lonely down here all by myself.

Gearsmith: Have you no shame, Zahar?

Gearsmith: My visit, your meeting with the pirates-- You saw it all already.

Gearsmith: Go back to your cell, Zahar. You already know you can't leave.

Zahar: Yes, well. I got bored is all.

Zahar: Oh, by the way, about these pirates--

Zahar: Letting them out of this place is the wisest course of action.

Zahar: If there is anyone who can change the future you're so afraid of, it is these pirates.

Gearsmith: Silence!

Reesa: Blimey! I'm not sure what's going on, but--

Gearsmith: I will defer your punishment-- for now.

Gearsmith: I have a new mission for you. You shall capture a deserter from my army.

Gearsmith: Show me you have the power to be useful to this nation and I may forgive your previous failure.

Gearsmith: Nekana, you take it from here.

Nekana: I am the cyborg soldier, Nekana. The deserter is working with a group of pirates.

Nekana: Your mission is to eliminate the pirates and help facilitate the capture of the deserter.

Nekana: Let us proceed.

Act 1 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Kali the Small One

When I awoke, I had no memories.

I was afraid to open my eyes because I couldn't remember anything-- not who my parents are, not even my own name.

I've known only terror since I escaped that place.

??? (Kali): Eighteen, be ye asleep?

Eighteen: I'm awake, Kali. What's wrong?

Kali: We have a problem! We be found by a bunch 'o band 'o pirates-- 'n they brought an army wit' them!

Kali: I'm not sure our crew be strong enough to hold that lot back.

Eighteen: I see. Kali, thank you for everything. I will distract them while you escape.

Kali: WHAT?! No! What're ye sayin'?!

Kali: I thought ye wanted to find out 'bout ye parents!

Kali: Any scurvy pirate would gift up a treasure chest to have parents who lust them.

Kali: I mean, me mom gave me up to a scurvy pirate ship when I was 7 years old--

Kali: Just be off 'n be a pirate, she said. That's child neglect!

Kali: I did get to meet ye, but--

Eighteen: You certainly lead a dramatic life.

Kali: I be needin' a grog-filled endin' fer ye! Bin seen too may sad ones already!

Kali: Come on! Ye're injured 'n too weak to sword fight. Be off, get to safety.

Eighteen: Okay. But Kali, be careful.

Reesa: Deserter! Where are you?

Kali: Eep! They're here!

Kali: Tis me first time-- fighting. But I have to protect Eighteen!

Act 2 Start Animation - Relentless Pursuit

Poor, Eighteen. Spurred by fear, with no plan--

You run away from danger with no direction in mind.

You won't be able to operate for much longer--

You've taken severe damage, and your body is failing.

You must keep my assistance a secret, even from those gentle pirates.

I hope that someday you get to see your parents again.


Kali: I be sorry! I lost! Get goin'! Now!

Eighteen: But--

Kali: Ye gunna see ye parents!

Kali: Even if I have to take ye thar myself!

Kali: Get on me back! I be stronger than I look!

Kali: Eek! Ye be knowin', ye're harrrd to carry when ye're so wet 'n slippery.

Eighteen: *sigh* Sorry.

Act 2 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Mech Mermaid 18

Reesa: We've got them now!

Eighteen: I guess we can't get away after all.

Reesa: What? No way! The deserter is a mermaid!

Nekana: You have nowhere to run. Surrender.

Kali: No way! I won't let ye take Eighteen back to th' Lab!

Reesa: Lab?

Kali: Eighteen wasn't born a cyborg! They took her to that horrible lab 'n made her into a livin' weapon!

Kali: [']N I be not goin' to let ye take her back thar! I be takin' her home!

Chapter 4 - The Elven ForestEdit

Act 1 Start Animation - Into the Forest

Kali: Don't worry, Eighteen. I'll get ye home.

Kali: But first, let's get out 'o here!

Kali and Eighteen disappear into the sea.

Eighteen: Thank you, Kali.

Eighteen: But I don't have the strength to swim anymore.

Eighteen: I hope this tide carries me home--

Reesa: She's gone! It's going to take forever to find her now--

Nekana: Defeating the pirates was sufficient. I will handle the rest.

Nekana: You have new orders. You are to go to the Elf Forest now.

Reesa: The Elf Forest?

Nekana: It is a massive forest in the center of the continent that straddles the three nations.

Nekana: Each nation has troops there because it is filled with dangerous monsters.

Nekana: I have prepared a map. The person in charge of our forces there will tell you the rest.

Reesa: The Elf Forest? We'd better be careful there.

Act 1 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Iron Blood Cherron

Reesa: This is where the map said to go, but--

??? (Cherron): STOP!

Reesa: Whaaaa?! Who's there?!

??? (Cherron): That's my question! What are you doing here?

Reesa: We have a mission to-- Eep!

Reesa: I almost blabbed about why we're here.

Reesa: But there may be soldiers from the other nations around here.

Reesa: You-know-who wouldn't be pleased if we let our secret slip again.

Reesa: I guess we'll just have to keep our lips sealed.

??? (Cherron): Not in the mood to explain?

??? (Cherron): Very well. I hope [you're] prepared for pain!

Act 2 Start Animation - The Deep Woods

??? (Cherron): Hm. You're quite skilled with that sword of yours. The Gearsmith chose well. You pass.

Reesa: Blimey! We went all-out and she's acting like it's nothing!

Cherron: I am Cherron, of the Maquina army.

Cherron: I heard about you. But I wasn't sure I could trust you.

Reesa: You were testing us?

Cherron: Sorry. I didn't want to tell you about the mission until I was sure you could fight.

Cherron: Make sure to keep up--

Cherron: We're going deeper into the Elf Forest. Your job is to protect me from the monsters in the forest.

Reesa: What's in the forest that's so important?

Cherron: An elf village.

Act 2 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Death Fist Selma

Reesa: I'm gonna see some elves!

Cherron: You look quite pleased-- with the situation, I mean.

Reesa: Well, I've never seen elves before.

Reesa: They have pointy ears and are really beautiful, right? And have really, really big-- hearts.

Cherron: And they're skilled at magic.

Cherron: They've been attacked by the three Nations many times and yet they [are] still independent.

Cherron: And now--

Cherron: It seems someone's here to welcome us.

Elf (Selma): You are penetrating elven territory. Will you leave peacefully?

Reesa: Captain, look! A real elf! She really does have pointy ears! And she's SO pretty!

Reesa: And she's got a great big sickle too! I thought elves used magic?

Elf (Selma): There do seem to be a lot of humans who stereotype elves as using magic or bows.

Elf (Selma): So, human, do you think you can beat me when it comes to muscle?

Reesa: Huh? She's readying her weapon? I thought elves were nice and stuff!

Cherron: Perhaps she's not your typical elf?

Cherron: Respond with force. But do not kill her.

Selma: My name is Death Fist Selma, and you seem to be underestimating me.

Selma: Give me a good fight, or I'll send you to your grave!

Chapter 5 - MonsterEdit

Act 1 Start Animation - The Elf's Plea

Elf (Pastora): Down, human!

Reesa: Blimey! Another elf!

Cherron: The youngest of the three elf sisters, Pastora, the Black Rose, perhaps?

Cherron: I am Cherron, of Maquina. I wish to see your leader.

Pastora: Maquina?

Pastora: How DARE you ask for a favor after wounding my sister?

Selma: Wounded? You mean me?

Selma: Don't worry about that. I was playing with them to test my skills.

Pastora: I know THAT! Just be quiet, Selma!

Selma: Why must you be like this?

Pastora: Anyway! If you want to see my sister, you'll have to make her an offering.

Cherron: What sort of offering?

Pastora: A monster is loose in the western part of the forest.

Pastora: Kill it and then you can see our leader.

Cherron: Very well. We'll go immediately.

Selma: Wait, you mean THAT thing?

Selma: You really are mean.

Pastora: Just be quiet, Selma!

Selma: You're such a bully!

Act 1 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Evil Eye Medusa

Reesa: Is this where the monster's supposed to be? I-- don't like this.

Cherron: I've never hunted a monster before. Though Kasana will probably invite me before long.

Cherron: Something's coming! Get down!

Monster (Medusa): Grr.

Cherron: A Medusa?! Crap! Don't look at its eyes, or--!

Reesa: Blimey! Cherron! You're-- turning to stone?!

Cherron: Never mind about me! Don't look at its eyes! It'll turn you to stone!

Medusa: More humans! Friends of that warrior!

Reesa: Warrior?

Medusa: No mere human could defeat me! You shall ALL turn to stone!

Act 2 Start Animation - Follow the Beast

Medusa: Curses. I don't believe this!

Reesa: The Medusa ran away-- Cherron!

Reesa: Oh no! What do we do?! Her whole lower body is stone now!

Pastora: Pursue the Medusa. Kill it to lift the curse.

Reesa: When did you get here?! And you saw all that!

Pastora: It doesn't matter to me either way, but you'd better hurry if you want to save your friend.

Cherron: Urgh--

Reesa: Captain! We have to hurry!

Reesa: Hey! Elf-jerk-girl! Watch Cherron while we're gone!

Pastora: And off they go.

Pastora: Now, what should I do with you?

Cherron: They're much, much too kind--

Cherron: They won't abandon or betray friends, so they don't expect it from anyone else.

Cherron: Isn't it strange that they're pirates?

Pastora: Very strange.

Act 2 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Buccaneer Rosa

Reesa: We should be there soon.


Reesa: What was that?! It sounded like-- the Medusa?

Reesa: Captain, let's go!

Medusa: My eyes--? MY EYES!

Buccaneer Rosa: Me moniker be Buccaneer Rosa and me face be th' last thin' ye gunna see!

Buccaneer Rosa: Ye look too human to be a proper monster.

Buccaneer Rosa: Can ye still fight? It don't look like it. Not in th' state ye're in. Such a disappointment.

Medusa: A-- A human beat me?! That's-- not possible--

Buccaneer Rosa: It don't matter if ye're human or a monster.

Buccaneer Rosa: I be strong, ye're weak. That's it.

Medusa: Aaaaaah!

Reesa: No way-- She took out the Medusa, just like that?!

Buccaneer Rosa: Avast! I didn't expect to run into other humans in 'tis forest.

Buccaneer Rosa: Or maybe ye're another monster wit' human form? Let's be off wit' that.

Buccaneer Rosa: Blowin' that medusa down wasn't even a challenge. I wonder if ye'll be any better.

Reesa: H-Hey! Stop! There's no reason for us to fight!

Buccaneer Rosa: Th' strong have th' right to cut low th' weak.

Buccaneer Rosa: If ye don't like it, tough.

Reesa: This isn't good, Captain. I've never seen someone so impressive!

Buccaneer Rosa: Be ye ready to die?

Chapter 6 - Rescue MissionEdit

Act 1 Start Animation - The Elven Chief

Reesa: *pant* What the hell--?

Buccaneer Rosa: Arrr! Not bad!

Buccaneer Rosa: Ye can't be done yet. I was finally havin' a ruckas!

Reesa: Ugh-- She's a monster.

??? (Pearl): That's enough! Both of you!

Reesa: An elf? Who's there?

Buccaneer Rosa: So Pearl, th' elf chief, be here by herself?

Pearl: They are guests of the elves. If you continue fighting, you will have to fight every elf in this village.

Pastora: Do you really think you can take us all on, Rosa?

Selma: You may be strong, but combined we are stronger.

Buccaneer Rosa: All for me? I'm flattered, though not impressed.

Pearl: I know full well what you are capable of as Five Tigress General.

Buccaneer Rosa: That's right, Pearl! Keep gatherin' fools to fight me 'n maybe some day ye'll find a person who can actually challenge me.

Buccaneer Rosa: But fer this day, I'll leave ye forest. Ye can deal wit' these scurvy dogs.

Reesa: Thank goodness.

Pearl: We're not done with you.

Pearl: Your friend, Cherron, was captured.

Reesa: WHAT?!

Pastora: It was my fault.

Pastora: I don't like humans, but I'll help you search.

Pastora: I can track the culprit's footprints. Come!

Act 1 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Middin the Miserable

Pastora: Here we are. They should be on the other side of this slope.

Pastora: The woman who abducted your friend is called Middin.

Pastora: Humans from the Magical Nation are quite strong. Don't let your eyes deceive you. Come on.

Reesa: What's with you? You're being really-- nice.

Pastora: I just don't want to owe any debts to humans.

Pastora: This is as far as I will go. Sanctus and the elves do have an alliance. The Magic Nation would not be please[d] if I interfere[d].

Reesa: I see. We'll do what we can. Thanks for showing us the way!

Reesa: Hey! Stop!

Middin: Who are you?!

Reesa: Just some pirates who happened to be in the neighborhood.

Reesa: We'l be taking all your possessions, and the pretty girl! BWAHAHA!

Cherron: Hehe.

Middin: So, you're friends of hers?

Middin: Fine. She was a bit tight-lipped anyway.

Middin: I'll strike you down and then you'll talk!

Act 2 Start Animation - Savior of Maquina

Reesa: Let's get out of here!

Cherron: Right!

Middin: Wh-- No, you're not getting away. Not a chance!

Reesa: Haha! Just try and catch us!

Cherron: Thanks to you the curse has lifted.

Cherron: Let's head to the elf village to talk to the head elf.

Pearl: No need. I'm right here.

Reesa: Whaaaa?! Pearl!

Cherron: So you're the Elf Chief?

Cherron: I am Cherron. I come bearing a message from the Gearsmith.

Cherron: The Mech Nation of Maquina wishes to form an alliance with the elves.

Pearl: Well, that is interesting. You do know of our alliance with Sanctus, right?

Pearl: And Maquina is a nation that burns our forests and pollutes our waters.

Pearl: What could you offer us elves who live in harmony with nature?

Cherron: Maquina does not burn all of the forests.

Cherron: You are in a sense a breakwater. That's how I see it.

Pearl: Words are easy to come by.

Cherron: War is coming.

Pearl: War?!

Cherron: An unprecedented war that will engulf this continent.

Cherron: Join us, and I can promise Maquina will not pluck a single flower from your forest.

Cherron: We are sincere. You don't have to answer now.

Pearl: What did you say your name was?

Cherron: My name is Cherron. I am aide to General Kasana of Maquina.

Pastora: Sister! Sanctus soldiers are coming this way!

Cherron: If we stay any longer we'll only cause you problems. We will take our leave now.

Reesa: Are you done talking? We'd need to head back to Maquina!

Cherron: I believe they plan to pursue us. We need to lose them.

Act 2 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Middin the Miserable 2

Reesa: Did we shake them?

Reesa: Cherron, wanna come with us and grab a meal?

Cherron: That sounds lovely, but I must start my mission to search for the book of knowledge.

Reesa: The book of knowledge?

Cherron: I heard you met the seer Zahar.

Cherron: She [prophesied] the fall of Maquina.

Reesa: The fall of Maquina?!

Cherron: It is a top secret matter, known only to a few.

Cherron: To avert this prophecy, we are seeking the book of knowledge, also known as the Acheron Tome.

Cherron: The Acheron Tome contains knowledge of the past, present, and future. It is our only hope for our nation.

Reesa: Blimey! Is there really a magic book like that?

Cherron: All we know is, the Pirate Queen supposedly has it.

Reesa: Okay-- But is it okay for you to tell us about something that important?

Cherron: It's fine. After all, you received your Letter of Marque from the Gearsmith.

Cherron: That means you're on our side.

Reesa: Cherron--

Middin: I would like to hear more about that book.

Reesa: Whaaaa?! You followed us!

Middin: I said I wouldn't let you get away. This time why don't you save us all the trouble and surrender.

Chapter 7 - The InvitedEdit

Act 1 Start Animation - The Three Generals

Reesa: Haven't seen this place in a while.

Reesa: I think something's going on though--

Cherron: Let's try asking some townsfolk.

Cherron: Apparently a woman in strange clothes is causing trouble.

Reesa: Strange clothes?

??? (Jillian): Never mind the foreigners.

Cherron: General Jillian?!

Jillian: And those must be the pirates I've heard so much about.

Jillian: I am suppressing insurgents. Assist me.

Reesa: What's with her, acting all high and mighty!

Cherron: That's Jillian Flare. She's one of the three Generals who lead the army of Maquina.

Cherron: During the last war she captured one of Bellator's Five Tigress Generals, so they call her the "Tiger Hunter."

Cherron: And she may look young, but she's much older than you or I.

Jillian: Cherron.

Cherron: Yes ma'am!

Jillian: Return to your mistress. Kasana is getting rather testy without you around.

Cherron: My mistress--? Yes ma'am. Immediately.

Jillian: And as for you pirates, come with me!

Act 1 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Noble Inanna

Reesa: So where are we going?

Jillian: I require your help subduing the stranger causing trouble in this town.

??? (Inanna): Where is the battlefield?!

??? (Inanna): And you are? I am Inanna! I demand to know where my brother is! Where is he?!

Reesa: I've never seen anyone dressed like that before.

Reesa: And I don't really understand what she's saying either--

Inanna: Who are you?! What kind of indecent person are you to show so much bare skin[?]!

Reesa: I-Indecent?!

Reesa: This is, like, the height of fashion!

Inanna: Fashion?

Inanna: Gah! I know not these words you speak!

Inanna: Get out of my way! I must find my brother!

Act 2 Start Animation - Magic Talisman

Inanna: Urgh-- Your weapons are so strange and impressive --

Reesa: Well, we caught her. Where did you come from?

Inanna: Never mind that! I must return!

Reesa: So-- no idea?

Jillian: Well, she does have this.

Reesa: A charm?

Jillian: So, where did you get this?

Inanna: I held it when I awakened.

Inanna: When I woke up I was on the ship. Yet, I have no memory of boarding a ship!

Jillian: I see.

Jillian: This is a Hellroad Charm. It's something gypsies use.

Jillian: I've heard it can summon a person from another world.

Reesa: So she's from another world?

Jillian: I can't imagine she's a gypsy, so someone else brought her here.

Jillian: And we may have a lead. To the ship!

Act 2 Boss Arriving Animation - vs. Orient Assassin Sasha

Sanctus Pirate: Sasha! Th' next boat be ready now!

Sasha: The charms are ready.

Sasha: Time to set sail. Next we head for Bellator.

Sanctus Pirate: But it be a strange request.

Sanctus Pirate: We're supposed to use charms to mess up a bunch 'o ships?

Sasha: Aye. But I'm suspicious about the supposed size of the reward. I've never encountered one as big and impressive as this one.

Sasha: I have a bad feeling about this. Let's get it over with. I've got better things to do.

Reesa: Hold it right there!

Jillian: That was a rather interesting conversation.

Sanctus Pirate: S-Sasha-- what do we do?!

Sasha: First of all, don't panic.

Sasha: We have the means to dash their ship on the rocks!

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