Multiple skills activating in a brawl report.

The skill of a card is an effect that either boosts or worsens the base stats of itself or other cards within an ATK/DEF crew. They generally affect a percentage amount of ATK or DEF, sometimes both.

Each skill has an activation rate. 100% activation rates are rare, but exist. (See Gunslinger Reesa and Musketeer Idola)

Certain cards have event skills during an event, which are later replaced by normal skills when the event ends.

Note: Skills are not the same as combos.

Positive skillsEdit

Positive skills improve a card's stats. They usually boost stats by 10-25%. There are some exceptions.

The first word in the skill description specifies the conditions for skill activation. For example, "Bellator" implies that the skill will only activate on Bellator nation cards. If "ALL" is specified, it applies to all cards in the crew, regardless of nation. If unspecified, the skill of a card only applies to itself (singular effect skills may boost stats up to +50%).

Some cards have specific conditions to activate. Crimson Crow Wyn's skill ('Mystery Stone' Vs. Fairy/Demon ATK +200%) only activates against pixies and demons. Swimsuit pirates have skills with 100% activation rate in the month of May. "Vs. Corsairs" imply that the skill will only activate when against a Corsair in a brawl, but may not be a good skill when the effect applies to a card of a disadvantageous nation. (In this case, the "Vs. Corsairs" skill on a Maquina card would put it at an advantage, while a Sanctus card with the skill would be at a disadvantage.)

Negative skillsEdit

See also: Category:Negative skill

Negative skills worsen a card's stats. They tend to be uncommon among cards, and exist in order to balance a card whose stats are stronger than usual for a card of its rarity.

Known cards with negative skills are:

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