Restatting is a technique involving the friends list often employed by players to manipulate their Stamina, Attack, and Defense. It is a simple but tedious process that anyone can perform. As the "manual" process can be very long for high levels players, the fastest alternative to reassign stats is to use a Blackout Rum.

The basic idea of restatting is to strip down each attribute down to its minimum, and then build it back up. When a friend is added to the friends list, 3 undistributed stat points are given. 

How to restat?Edit

To restat, a player must repeatedly remove friends and add them back to the friends list. The player must also make sure not to spend any of the undistributed stat points before he or she is finished restatting. Because only 3 stat points are lost through each repetition, this process can become very tedious.

Note that during restatting, the game will not force a player to adjust the Attack crew or Defense crew if either become overloaded; that is to say, if either one's cost exceeds the player's Attack or Defense, respectively. The player will retain his or her current crew and a negative "remaining cost" is shown. However, if a player's Attack is overloaded, then he or she cannot brawl — and if a player's Defense is overloaded, he or she is likely to lose when attacked (even if the opponent uses a Team of 5 Level 1 Pixies).

Tip: when unfriending, pressing the "BACK" button on the top most left of screen can reduce the number of pages one has to click on.


The premise of restatting lies in the fact that when a friend is removed from the friends list, 3 max Stamina is lost. If a player manages to decrease his or her Stamina to 1, 2, or 3, then removing a friend from the friends list will not subtract Stamina, but Attack instead. The same behavior applies when Attack is reduced to 1, 2, or 3. However, once Defense is reduced to 1, 2, or 3, points are subtracted from the pool of undistributed stat points.

Other usesEdit

Restating technique can also be used to refill some Attack points in order to place supplemental attack in case you're lacking few extra points. Same apply to Stamina for some extra levels during events involving stamina use.

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