In Pirate Maidens, every card is given a specific rarity, ranging from 1 star (Normal) to 7 stars.[1] Rarity affects the maximum level of cards and frequency at which they appear during rescues. Below is a table, listing rarities and their corresponding maximum levels. All Enhance+ Reesas max at level 10, and all Alliance pirates max 5 levels higher than the standard max level for their respective rarity.

Rarity Maximum Level
1* (Normal) 10
2* (Normal+) 20, 10 (Guardian Zamara)
3* (Rare) 30
4* (Rare+) 45, 30 (Banshee Wraith, Double Blade Linda)
5* (Super Rare) 60, 70 (Fireball Reesa)
6* (Super Rare+) 80, 90 (Battle-Wise Athena)
7* 100



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