A random encounter is a subtype of random event where a player initiates a brawl with an NPC's crew. There are various different pirates that a player may encounter, but which precise ones depend on the Nation, Chapter, Act, and even Episode in which the player is adventuring. In general, most NPCs are accompanied by a crew of generic pirates that are easy to defeat. If a player manages to defeat the NPC's crew, then he or she is rewarded with pence and experience based on the Chapter number. Additionally, there is a chance to persuade the First Maiden of the crew. 

Lower Level Encounters (Chapters 1-15)Edit

Wondrous Mimi's Crew

Fianna the Swift's Crew

Rampaging Devil Hannah's Crew

Invincible Veleda's Crew

Cornelia the Devout's Crew

Gold Broad Axe Galila's Crew

Red Wind Gale's Crew

Higher Level Encounters (Chapters 16+)Edit

Imperial Guard Maleo's Crew

Shaman Spira's Crew

Yellow Bellied Nyssa's Crew

Blue Beast Kiden's Crew

Pleshia the Freshman's Crew

Crimson Crow Wyn's Crew

The Lightning BrigadeEdit

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