Princess Sisu

Rarity ★★★★★★★
Cost 69
Nation The Alliance
Type Bounty Hunters
Combo Type Combo Wild0001
Release Date Sep 18, 2014
"I've heard stories about you. The pirate who travels around the three nations with a bunch of cute girls? Pretty cool. If we'd met sooner I might've caused a stir on your ship though."
— Princess Sisu

Sisu is a cross-dresser with a love of cute women's clothing. He joined an otherwise all-female pirate crew, but was found out in the showers, They'd seriously considered hanging him, but relented because he's so cute. He's since become the idol of the crew. he never talks about his past, so they don't know that he was the prince of a small kingdom that the alliance crushed.


Lvl 1 : 7050
Max  : 11412
Max+: 14836

Growth: +20

Lvl 1 : 11000
Max  : 21737
Max+: 28258

Growth: +?

Growth Progression: ?

Skill: Distraction
Alliance DEF +30%


Enhance Value:
2000 Experience

Dismiss Value:
12240 pence


- Gold/Tidal or 5 Maps Rescue during the Princess Rescue Mission


Heath 1 vector

Poster vector of Heath.

Previous Stats:

Cost = 68

Lvl 1 : 7100
Max  : 14075
Max+: 18297

Growth: +?

Lvl 1 : 6900
Max  : 13825
Max+: 17972

Growth: +?

Growth Progression: ?

Skill: ?
The Alliance ATK +25%

Non-English details
Japanese name 姫若人シス
Chinese name 小公主少爷希斯
Voice file
Voice actor (J) 小野賢章
Voice actor (E) Ono Kenshō

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