Presley the Vicious
Presley Gold

Rarity ★★★
Cost 20
Nation Maquina
Type Bounty Hunters
Combo Type Combo Fierce0001
Release Date Unknown
"It's convenient to have options to detach parts based on the situation at hand. What's really annoying is that the source of energy for me is only apples. Apples only?! Why? Am I being bullied or what?"
— Presley the Vicious

She was determined to revenge her family that was taken away by some pirates. She was reconstructed by the specialists in Maquina so that her right hand is detachable to do what's necessary in any situation, from combat to chores.


Lvl 1 : 1650
Max  : 2968
Max+: 3858

Growth: +25

Lvl 1 : 1650
Max  : 2968
Max+: 3858

Growth: +25

Growth Progression: [2-30]

Skill: Gallows
Maquina ATK +10%

Event Skill: Skiptracer Lv.1
Damage +50% [in Fugitive Cecil Brawl]


Enhance Value:
150 experience

Dismiss Value:
1680 pence


-Jolly Roger Rescue

-Point Rescue

-Awarded to the top 3 players who gained the most Brawl Points during a Guild vs Guild brawl. (Limited Time)


Non-English details
Japanese name ローディー軽装型
Chinese name
Voice file
Voice actor (J)
Voice actor (E)

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