Merom gold
Pixies are a subtype of pirate who grant more experience than usual when used as a jewel pirate. Pixies usually have a low cost while maintaining a high efficiency, but are also great for enhancing other pirates. Pixies are generally much more obtainable than most pirates.

List of Known PixiesEdit

Pixie Enhance Value
Merom gold

Floral Pixie Merom

50 experience
Ovida gold

Floral Pixie Ovida

80 experience
Curine gold

Undine Siren Curine

60 experience
Eshey gold

Undine Siren Eshey

90 experience
Sphinx eme silver

Emerald Sphinx

70 experience
Sphinx ruby

Ruby Sphinx

120 experience
Harpy gold

Demon Harpy

350 experience
Archer gold

Pixie Archer

500 experience
Humita gold

Wind Sprite Humita

750 experience
Kienna gold

Mermaid Kienna

1000 experience

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