Navigator Ariel Visk
Navigator Ariel Visk silver HQ

Rarity ★★★★★★★
Cost 70
Nation Bellator
Type Corsairs
Combo Type Dandy Combo0001
Release Date Aug 28, 2014
"White-crested waves ahead! Wind velocity increasing! At this rate, the storm is going to get worse... Captain, a wave starboard! If we don't change direction, we'll be pulled under!"
— Navigator Ariel Visk

An imposing navigation officer. Her knowledge of maritime navigation is on par with even the most seasoned veteran. She's good at determining tide and weather conditions, and always chooses the ideal route. Her confidence is unwavering, even in the stormiest of seas.


Lvl 1 : 7000
Max  : 13793
Max+: 17930

Growth: +35/+40/+45/+40

Lvl 1 : 7000
Max  : 13793
Max+: 17930

Growth: +35/+40/+45/+40

Growth Progression: [2-26][27-41][42-81][82-100]

Skill: Navigator's Decision
Bellator ATK +20%

Event Skill: Demon-Breaking Light
Damage +500% in all Demon Battles


Enhance Value:
2000 experience

Dismiss Value:
? pence


- Gold/Tidal Rescue during Demon Battle Event

- Navigator Ariel Visk Pack during Demon Battle Event

- Aeria giveaway ending support



Poster vector

Her skill has changed and previously was Bellator ATK +25%

Non-English details
Japanese name 船を導くアリエル・ヴィスク
Chinese name
Voice file
Voice actor (J) 伊藤静
Voice actor (E)

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