The Lost Lover Event is a Rescue Event. Players may collect Clues and spend them on one of four rescues, each containing 5 Limited Event Pirates, as well various card of 5* or 6* rarity. One of these rescues will also contain the Lost Love, with her location changing every hour.


  1. June 13, 2014 - June 22, 2014 11:59pm (UTC -7)



To be added / Currently unavailable


Players can acquire Clues from the following methods:

  • Gold Rescue: +1
  • Tidal Wave Rescue: +11
  • Step-Up Rescue: +???
  • Winning a Guild Battle: +1/3
  • Top Rankings members of GVG's: +1 - +7

Clues can be spent on one of four Lost Lover Rescues, for 5 Clues per rescue. See next section for the contents of the Lost Love Rescue.


-Players do not receive Pirate Tickets from the Gold Rescue or the Tidal Wave Rescue during the event.

-Players can find the Limited Edition Cards in the Gold Rescue. (The Lost Love, Noa excluded)

-The Lost Love, Noa is available from one of the four rescues, changing hourly.

-At the end of the event, players who are able to obtain the Lost Love will be rewarded with cards ranging from 6* to 7* rarity, as well as high quantities of items.

Lost Love RescueEdit

Players either rescue a Limited Edition Card or one of various other cards of at least 5* rarity.

Limited Edition Cards:

Others: To be added

Brawl Ranking RewardsEdit

To be added

Hall of FameEdit

See: Lost Lover Event/Hall of Fame

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