There are numerous locations depicted in the game's story dialogue. They are mostly places within the three nations, Maquina, Sanctus and Bellator, though some may be neutral territory. No locations of The Alliance have been depicted as of yet.

Event locations are temporary, as they become unaccessible to players after the event is over.


Maquina is a mech nation, whose gearsmith resides in the Capital City of Automaton.


Bellator is a warrior nation.


Sanctus is a magic nation. It has a particularly glorious throne room in comparison to its counterparts. The elves are close allies of Sanctus, and do not belong directly to them.

Generic locationsEdit

Sovereign nations are not part of any of the three nations, thus do not lie under any nation's protection. One such example is Poison Priestess Solace's village, which sent Solace as a sacrifice to the monster terrorizing the village.

The Elven Forest (or Elf Forest) is a massive forest in the center of the continent that straddles the three nations. Each nation has troops there because it is filled with dangerous monsters. The elf village within the forest has been attacked by the three nations many times and yet still remains independent. However, the elves are in an alliance with Sanctus, as their chief is part of the Circle of Ten.

Defunct backgroundsEdit

The following backgrounds were previously used to depict locations, but were replaced by Aeria with the new backgrounds above. They are still used in the Japanese and Chinese versions of the game.

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