The following are rewards for the Bonus Story.

Bonus Story No.1 to No.10Edit

1: 600 Winks [requires: Healer Fenia, Magical Seal Caster Janae, Officer Estella]
2: 400 Winks [requires: War Maiden Parley, Iron Ball Tania]
3: 400 Winks [requires: Nimble Larissa, Treasured Sword Uma]
4: 800 Winks [requires: Black Bonny Sisay, Seeker Lana, Sea Pythoness Airi]
5: 400 Winks [requires: Signet-Caster Ohara]
6: 400 Winks [requires: Rhea the Wise]
7: 800 Winks [requires: Spearhead Saffron, Tabia the Red]
8: 400 Winks, Kraken Draught (Cup) x3 [requires: Alexa the Cunning, Fianna the Swift, Mech Mermaid, Morisa the Scallywag]
9: Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Bellona the Timid]
10: Kraken Draught (Cup) x2 [requires: Death Fist Selma, Twin Sword Dancer Pendra]

Bonus Story No.11 to No.20Edit

11: Kraken Draught (Cup) x2 [requires: Dark Devil Peron, Healer Eris]
12: Kraken Draught (Cup) x3 [requires: Strong-willed Naveen, Bysen the Avenger, Vanessa the Crusher]
13: Kraken Draught (Cup) x2 [requires: Gunner-Mage Fleur, Mad Scientist Sintra]
14: Kraken Draught (Cup) x2 [requires: Spy Lynn, Fair-haired Ellete]
15: Kraken Draught (Cup) x2 [requires: Chain Mistress Abia, Mysterious Aradia]
16: Kraken Draught (Cup) x2 [requires: Red Wind Gale, Gold Broad Axe Galila]
17: Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Tomboy Mary Read]
18: Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Adventurous Anne Bonny]
19: Ticket x1 [requires: Adventurous Amber]
20: Ticket x1 [requires: Lone Wolf Holyn]

Bonus Story No.21 to No.30Edit

21: Ticket x1 [requires: Kaliya the Phantom Witch]
22: Ticket x4 [requires: Agrona the Unhinged, Summer Morisa, Shore Driven Lael, Fern the Exuberant]
23: Pixie Archer x2 [requires: Sparkling Colleen, Craftsman Toan]
24: Kraken Draught (Cup) x2 [requires: Pistol Whip Idola, Sniper Cecil]
25: Pixie Archer x1, Ticket x1 [requires: Goalkeeper Opal, Curve Ball Zelia]
26: Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Nekana the Ravager]
27: Ticket x1, Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Dancer Catalina, Dashing Ruby]
28: Statue of Nereides x1, Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Divine Empress Perlina, Cyclops Hornet]
29: Ticket x1, Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Sergeant Ellan, Invincible Veleda]
30: Pixie Archer x1, Ticket x1, 200 Winks [requires: Guardian Zamara, Armored Xara, Antique Gun Mirta]

Bonus Story No.31 to No.40Edit

31: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Red Flame Conjurer Melone]
32: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Driller Palti]
33: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Ironchest Enki]
34: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Commodore Albert]
35: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Court Magician Filbert]
36: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Ascended Mimika]
37: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Gunslinger Reesa]
38: Ticket x1 [requires: Musketeer Idola]
39: ? [requires: Fairy Queen Quartz, Sorcery Librarian Chloe]
40: Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Iron Blood Cherron]

Bonus Story No.41 to No.50Edit

41: Pixie Archer x2 [requires: Chivalrous Naomi, Sabelle the Slayer]
42: ? [requires: Songstress Clara, Pop Star Greysen]
43: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Chronologer Artessa]
44: Pixie Archer x2 [requires: Dead-Eye Kasana, Boar Whip Rosa]
45: Pixie Archer x2 [requires: Samurai Reesa, Silver Archer Inara]
46: Ticket x1, Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Lone Wolf Zera, Pleshia the Freshman]
47: Ticket x1, Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Musketeer Idola, Mesmer Prova]
48: Ticket x1 [requires: Burly Eros]
49: Pixie Archer x2 [requires: Militia Trisha, Golden Guardian Carrie]
50: Pixie Archer x1, Ticket x1 [requires: Genius Cypress, Laid-Back Bardley]

Bonus Story No.51 to No.60Edit

51: Pixie Archer x1, Ticket x1 [requires: Swindler Quacksalver, Guardian Rego]
52: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Humanoid Tetra]
53: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Imprisoned Saraid]
54: ? [requires: Infiltrator Tallina]
55: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Demon Alice]
56: Pixie Archer x2 [requires: Lightning Strike Ashtree, Unforgiving Diamond]
57: Ticket x2 [requires: Sure-Shot Luciole, Reconnaissance Spy Syna]
58: Ticket x2 [requires: Wet Hair Claire, Battle Spirit Sypher]
59: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Thunder General Hardy]
60: Ticket x1 [requires: Stenographer Senton]

Bonus Story No.61 to No.70Edit

61: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Demon Spydelle]
62: Wind Sprite Humita x1, 800 Winks [requires: Sunbathe Sasha, Patriot Reesa]
63: Wind Sprite Humita x1, 800 Winks [requires: Luau Larissa, Surfer Scarlett]
64: Ticket x1, Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Cheerful Roline, Quiet Parrot & Sara]
65: ? [requires: Princess Yasha, Sea Dragon Belle, Chimera Ronat, Fire Demon Edana]
66: Ticket x1 [requires: Milt the Fox]
67: Ticket x1 [requires: Blade Sister Senna Atlas, Blade Sister Luna Atlas]
68: ? [requires: Armored Machine Builder, Western Pirate Azel]
69: Pixie Archer x2, 400 Winks [requires: Kali the Small One, Jillian Tigerbane, Nettle the Golden Valkyrie]
70: Ticket x1 [requires: Amy the Slicer]

Bonus Story No.71 to No.80Edit

71: Pixie Archerx1 [requires: Rock Goddess Nina]
72: Pixie Archer x1, Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Outlander Portia, Dark Whirlwind Lurissa]
73: ? [requires: Kindly Wife Cecil]
74: ? [requires: Battle Diva Asahi]
75: ? [requires: Infinite Daggers Lucy]
76: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Great Thief Goemon Ishikawa]
77: Statue of Nereides x1 [requires: Brave General Jillian]
78: ? [requires: Chainsaw Amy, Illusionist Martina]
79: Ticket x1 [requires: Sure Shot Jade]
80: Ticket x1 [requires: Trance Witch Audrey]

Bonus Story No.81 to No.90Edit

81: ? [requires: Swordsmith Yakira]
82: Ticket x1 [requires: Despair Pierrot]
83: Ticket x1 [requires: Kuromu the Comet]
84: Ticket x1 [requires: Magical Teacher Myuu]
85: Statue of Nereides x1, Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Illusionist Martina, Fabulous Driller Palti]
86: Kraken Draught (Cup) x1 [requires: Pharmacist Willow]
87: Pixie Archer x1, Ticket x1 [requires: Drunken Claire, Drunken Blade Ruto]
88: ? [requires: Cursed Sword Messenger Mazel]
89: Pixie Archer x1 [requires: Cosplay Lael]
90: Statue of Nereides x1 [requires: Illusionist Martina]

Bonus Story No.91 to No.92Edit

91: ? [requires: Princess Idola, Archduke Rickard]
92: ? [requires: Sly Honey, Apprentice Linda]


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