Lightning Fist Zelia
Lightning Fist Zelia Gold

Rarity ★★★★★
Cost 39
Nation Bellator
Type Corsairs
Combo Type Dandy Combo0001
Release Date Unknown
"Yesterday's Enemy is today's friend!  In a pitched battle, the attacker calls his friends for a coordinated assault!  No, not like that!  You've got to get the pose right!"
— Lightning Fist Zelia

Zelia is a skilled martial artist whose movements are so quick they break the sound barrier.  No one wants to go up against someone fo that speed.  (And the sonic boom is deafening!)


Lvl 1 : 2700
Max  : 4850
Max+: 6305

Growth: +20/20/20

Lvl 1 : 4700
Max  : 9675
Max+: 12577

Growth: +40/50/60

Growth Progression: [2-16][17-36][37-60]

Skill: Titanic Blow
Guild Battle Only: All Def +15%


Enhance Value: 500 experience

Dismiss Value: 4680 pence


-Guild ranking reward during the Take Saraid's Treasure Event


Non-English details
Japanese name 熱血拳法少女ロー・チャン
Chinese name 热血的拳法少女洛·夏尔
Voice file
Voice actor (J)
Voice actor (E)

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