Jolly Roger Rescue (or Gold Rescue) is one of the four available rescues in Pirate Maidens. The pirate lineup for the rescue is regularly changed.

Each rescue costs 300 Gold, guaranteed Super Rare or better. 11x rescues (or Tidal Wave Rescue) may be purchased for 3000 Gold.

Extra cards are added to the rescue during events, and are usually removed at the end of the event.

Current lineupEdit

As of 8 July 2014, it is possible to rescue the following pirates:




Since 8 July 2014, All ★★★★ have been removed:

All ★★★ have been removed

Removed piratesEdit

The following pirates have been sent to Davey Jones Locker (i.e. removed from the Jolly Roger Rescue):

Name Remove date
Buccaneer Rosa 2014-05-15
Nettle the Golden Valkyrie 2014-05-15
Jillian the Slayer 2014-05-15
Magic Bullet Akira 2014-05-15
Resplendent Pearl 2014-05-15
Red Flame Conjurer Melone 2014-05-15
Fireball Reesa 2014-05-15
Carefree Ostia 2014-05-15
Chef Arica 2014-05-15
Lunar Eclipse Naomi 2014-05-15
Starlit Sky Liliana 2014-05-15
Solar Flare Nina 2014-05-15
Trustless Piculet 2014-05-15
3★ Enhance+ Reesa 2014-05-15
Morisa the Scallywag 2014-05-15
Alexa the Cunning 2014-05-15
Gunner-Mage Fleur 2014-05-15
Polar Explorer Amber 2014-05-15
Festive Priestess Solace 2014-05-15
Night Crawler Sawyer 2014-05-15
Nekana the Ravager 2014-05-15
Pistol Whip Idola 2014-05-15
Healer Willow 2014-05-15
Chain Mistress Abia 2014-05-15
Rollerskater Rukan 2014-05-15
Golden Saraid 2014-05-15
Super Soaker Eirny 2014-05-15
Reconnaissance Spy Syna 2014-01-13 (Replaced)
Laid-Back Bardley 2014-01-13 (Replaced)
Shore Driven Tabia 2014-01-13
Chivalrous Naomi 2014-01-13
Songstress Clara 2014-01-13
Performer Celadon 2013-12-18
Beast Tamer Jean 2013-12-18
Iron-armed Candice 2013-12-18
Agrona the Sage 2013-12-18
Pastry Chef Ivria 2013-12-18
Fern the Exuberant 2013-12-03
Summer Morisa 2013-12-03
Shore Driven Lael 2013-12-03
Agrona the Unhinged 2013-12-03
Summoned Morna 2013-12-03
Unforgiving Diamond 2013-12-03 (replaced)
Sorcery Librarian Chloe 2013-11-11 (replaced)
Expert Engineer Dharma 2013-11-11
Black Iron Bull Mitra 2013-11-11
Mysterious Aradia 2013-11-11
Sharp Ear Sierra 2013-11-11
Rogue Knight Ridley 2013-11-05
Relentless Atara 2013-11-05
Phantom Thief Selena 2013-11-05
Adventurous Anne Bonny 2013-11-05
Cartographer Rukan 2013-11-05
Orient Assassin Sasha 2013-10-22
Madame Patricia 2013-10-22
High Witch Audrey 2013-10-22
Poison Priestess Solace 2013-10-22
Presley the Vicious 2013-10-22
Healer Eris 2013-10-22
Iron Blood Cherron 2013-10-22
Mercenary Commander Ilta 2013-10-22
Astrologer Silvia 2013-08-20
Cinta the Charmed 2013-08-20
Mech Soldier Wildarm 2013-08-05
Prophet Zahar 2013-08-05
Fern the Deck Brush 2013-08-05
Lone Wolf Holyn 2013-07-24
Dual Gunner Lael 2013-07-24

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