Icy Merle

Rarity ★★★★★
Cost 47
Nation Sanctus
Type Gypsies
Combo Type Combo Fierce0001
Release Date Feb 6, 2014
"Power, fame, or free time. If you were to ask me which one I'd pick? I think it's pretty obvious. Oh? Is it hard for someone who is young like you to relate? I bet you'll know once I take 10 years of life away from you."
— Icy Merle

[Limited Yule Card]A Sanctus sorceress who only shows up in the winter and takes care of the entire year's tasks during that time. Despite her capability in magic, the witch's work ethic and attitude fell short so she was not able to secure a permanent position.


Lvl 1 : 4200
Max  : 7887
Max+: 10253

Growth: +30/35/40

Lvl 1 : 4400
Max  : 8137
Max+: 10578

Growth: +30/35/40

Growth Progression: [2-16][17-36][37-60]

Skill: Freezing
Sanctus DEF +15%


Enhance Value:
500 experience

Dismiss Value:
5,640 pence



Merle vector

Poster vector of Icy Merle.

Non-English details
Japanese name 氷の女王 ヒパティリカ
Chinese name 冰之女王西帕特丽卡
Voice file
Voice actor (J) 伊賀上真由
Voice actor (E)

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