The Hot Springs Event is a Tower Event.

Occurrences: June 27, 2014 to July 6, 2014, 23:59 UTC-7.

Tower Progress RewardEdit

Tower treasure: On every 10th floor you'll receive (floor number x10) Maple Leaves.

Floor 100 Reward: Noble Gilliam

Floor 150 Reward: 5 Star Enhance+ Reesa

Floor 200 Reward: 5 Star Enhance+ Reesa

Floor 300 Reward: Noble Gilliam

Floor 450 Reward: 6 Star Enhance+ Reesa


To be added

Event RescueEdit

Event Skill:
Heating up the Hot Springs LV 1, 2, 3+30%, +60%, +90% Damage in Tower Battles (respectively)

The following event pirates can be acquired through the event rescue to help in the tower for 300gc: To be added

Floor BossesEdit

To be added

Random EncountersEdit

To be added

Trading PostEdit

Collected Maple Leaves can be traded for the following

Pirate Maple Leaves Cost
IMG 5387

Princess Boy Sisu

50000 x for 1
35000 x for 1
20000 x for 1

King Morisa

10000 x for 1

Silver Archer Inara

7500 x for 1

Pirate Chairman Toce

5000 x for 1
Item Maple Leaves Cost

Cooked Steak

500 x for 1

Cooked Steak x10

5000 x for 10

Cooked Steak Morsel

250 x for 1

Cooked Steak Morsel x10

2500 x for 10

Fresh Milk (Jug)

500 x for 1

Fresh Milk (Jug) x10

5000 x for 10

Fresh Milk (Cup)

250 x for 1

Fresh Milk (Cup) x10

2500 x for 10

Ranking RewardsEdit

To be added

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