A Guild is one of the most important elements in the game.

It is where people group together to play, have fun and not forgetting, to be the best of the best!

The Main Purpose of a Guild is to Brawl with other guilds as well as to win in the limited time events.

The MembersEdit

Anyone can join a Guild as long as the requirements are met. Some examples of requirements:

  1. The players level ( Lvl 10, Newbies, Lvl 50 )
  2. The commitment to the game ( Daily player? )
  3. Brawling
  4. Joining in the Guild Brawls. Also known as: GvG.
  5. Your ATK and DEF must be at a certain number. ( DEF = 25k, etc )
  6. Add the chat apps to get to know your friends in the guild. ( Chat apps: LINE, Palringo, etc )


There are 3 class distinction

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