This is a compilation of several tips to aid in your defending.

  • There are three primary ways of defending.
    • The first method is through raw defense, which consists of stacking pirates with high defenses, such as Battle-wise Athena or Divine Empress Perlina. However, even with those kind of defenses, it is often advised to add at least one +DEF Skill Pirate, in order to make the most use of their initial high Defenses.
    • The second method incorporates multiple +DEF Skills to have your Defense values fluctuate unpredictably. This method of defending relies slightly on luck, but when successfully executed, can give you a surprise victory over an attacker, even when they have the higher Total ATK.
    • The third method is constructing a crew of low cost Defenders (often with a good DEF to Cost Ratios) to spend as few points in Defense in order to put more in ATK/STA. A general rule of thumb with these kind of defenses is that Home Run Cypress should not be able to farm it. This strategy is often advised against, unless there is a specific Event going on that forces players to split their Stats (e.g. Cloudscape Event).

Look at your defense from an attacker's point of view. What pirates would you want to attack? How expensive would it be to defeat you?

Things to avoidEdit

  • Avoid using Pixies and Demons at ALL times. The existance of Crimson Crow Wyn will mean that your opponent is going to score a lot of Brawl Points off of those kind of Defenses.
  • Avoid pirates who reduce your defense (e.g. Lone Wolf Holyn), as they will only aid your opponent in snatching a win.

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