Nation BonusEdit

Everyday players receive log-in rewards based on which nation they are aligned with and its current rank. The log-In reset everyday at 4:00 AM PST. The rank rewards are [Bound] since May 2014 and are as follows:

Rank #1

Rank #2

Rank #3

Power Deadlock

Other Bonuses Edit

  • During Rescue Events, players will receive 4 of the special items used during that event's special rescue. This is in addition to the Stamp Board rewards and the Nation Bonus items.

Log-In StampEdit


Stamp rewards for 30+ consecutive days

Started in October 2013 and discontinued in March 2014, In addition to the log-in Bonus, players received daily log-in stamps for each day of playing Pirate Maidens. The higher the number of days, the better the rewards received. The days did not need to be consecutive. Every day players received the normal reward, but on certain days was also received a bonus award.

Example of Normal rewards so far:

(These are approximate dates)

Some of the potential bonus rewards include:

Grand Prizes Edit

For each stamp board of 30 days, there is a grand prize on the last day. The GC prizes are on the following days:

  • Day 17: 100 GC
  • Day 21: 300 GC
  • Day 30: 500 GC
  • Day 47: 500 GC
  • Day 60: ?
  • Day 90: 2000 GC
  • Day 101: 1000 GC
  • Day 120: 9999 GC

Trivia Edit

In the Japanese and Chinese versions, the Grand Prizes are a lot less generous, generally being pirates instead of GC.

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