Pence is the most basic form of currency in this game. It's only needed to pay for enhancing your cards. Pence can be obtained from brawling, pillaging in story mode, and from dismissing cards. Brawling is the recommended way to get pence, since pillaging doesn't give very much and cards are better used for enhancement. Pence can also be obtained through various giveaways.


Gold is the currency obtained mainly by paying for it with real life money, although a small amount can be obtained on certain days from the Daily Log-In Bonus. It's used to buy items in the Pirate Shop. Players can also use gold for the Jolly Roger Rescue, 11x Tidalwave Rescue, or Special Event Rescues. Most of the gold rescues come with 1 pirate ticket per rescued card, so technically gold allows you to use the Ticket Rescue as well.


Although winks aren't technically a form of currency, they're still used to "buy" rescue chances from the Point Rescue. They're obtained by greeting other players in game. If someone is not on your friend list, you get 5 winks for starting a greeting and 15 winks for actually sending it. If someone IS on your friends list, you will get 10 winks for starting and 20 winks for sending. Winks can also be obtained through Bonus Story rewards and other various giveaways.

Rescue EventsEdit

During Rescue Events, a special item is used as currency to access the special event rescue for said event. For example, during the Champagne Shower Event, Champagne Bottles could be obtained to access the special Champagne Rescue that was only available during that event.

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