All bosses give 30 exp and 55 pence.

Floor 5: Pixie Archer

Floor 10: Sniper Cecil

Floor 15: Mermaid Kienna

Floor 20: Nothura the Thunder Blade

Floor 25: Pixie Archer

Floor 30: Unyielding Lyrit

Floor 35: Mermaid Kienna

Floor 40: April the Sunny

Floor 45: Pixie Archer

Floor 50: Bellona the Timid

Floor 55: Mermaid Kienna

Floor 60: Rohana the Death Song

Floor 65: Pixie Archer

Floor 70: Golden Gun Amanda

Floor 75: Mermaid Kienna

Floor 80: Night Crawler Sawyer

Floor 85:Pixie Archer

Floor 90:Pistol Whip Idola

Floor 95: Mermaid Kienna

Floor 100: Craftsman Toan [boss automatically obtained; no persuasion required]

Floor 105: Pixie Archer

Floor 110:

Floor 115: Mermaid Kienna

Floor 120: 

Floor 125: Pixie Archer

Floor 130: 

Floor 135: Mermaid Kienna

Floor 140: 

Floor 145: Pixie Archer

Floor 150: 

Floor 155: Mermaid Kienna

Floor 160: 

Floor 165: Pixie Archer

Floor 170: 

Floor 175: Mermaid Kienna

Floor 180: 

Floor 185: Pixie Archer

Floor 190: 

Floor 195: Mermaid Kienna

Floor 200:

Floor 205:Pixie Archer

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