The Cloudscape Event is a Tower Event.

Event Skills:

  • Cloudscape, Stratosphere
    • +30% Damage in Tower Battles
  • Thunderhead, Jet Stream
    • +60% Damage in Tower Battles

Tower treasure: Golden Birds

Floor 100 Reward: Ascended Mimika

Occurrences: June 3, 2013 to ?



Event RescueEdit

The following event pirates can be acquired through the event rescue to help in the tower for 300gc:

Floor BossesEdit

See: Cloudscape Event/Floor Bosses

Random EncountersEdit

See: Cloudscape Event/Random Encounters

Trading PostEdit

Collected Golden Birds can be traded for the following

Pirate Golden Bird Cost
Primrose Gold

Flasher Primrose

50000 x for 1

Silver Archer Inara

25000 x for 1

Samurai Reesa

10000 x for 1
Item Golden Bird Cost

Fresh Milk (Jug)

500 x for 1

Fresh Milk (Cup)

250 x for 1

Cooked Steak

400 x for 1

Cooked Steak Morsel

200 x for 1

Ranking RewardsEdit


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