Chief Priestess Whitley
Whitley Gold

Rarity ★★★★
Cost 33
Nation Sanctus
Type Gypsies
Combo Type Combo Saucy0001
Release Date Unknown
"Is that OK? There is no point of gathering people with low faith. We will win hearts and minds slowly but surely. All will bow to Mythria's teaching."
— Chief Priestess Whitley

The Chief Priestess of Mythria — a cult-like religion that is spreading. She sends missionaries all over the world to convert more people.


Lvl 1 : 2900
Max  : 5775
Max+: 7507

Growth: +50/40/30

Lvl 1 : 2200
Max  : 3612
Max+: 4695

Growth: +20/20/10

Growth Progression: [2-16][17-26][27-45]

Skill: Dead Reckoning
Sanctus ATK +15%

Event Skill: Invader Cleanup Lv.2
Damage +80% in Freya Brawl


Enhance Value:
300 experience

Dismiss Value:
3366 pence


-Jolly Roger Rescue

- Champagne Rescue during the Champagne Shower Event

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