• Shadokuss

    Categories display order

    August 20, 2014 by Shadokuss

    I've noticed that many pirates pages does have many categories. But I didn't seen any rules/guidelines of the way contributors may order them. I think we should aiming to have a kind of hierarchy in displaying them. This way they will be most of the time on the same place or order. And enhance intuitive usability and relevance of categories.

    The first category which display first, and should always be, is the "Incomplete" Categorie (for pages lacking several/major informations). Which have a proper template put on top of the page in Source editor:

    Some categories used to have the same order displaying on the bottom pages when the "PirateInfobox" template is used. This is the case with these categories when using it:

    1. Rarity
    2. Nation
    3. Type
    4. Combo Type …

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  • Sinematic

    This tutorial will be much simpler than my previous one.

    From Category:Pages lacking images: "Proper images should have no obstructions (magnifying glass, gold/silver frame sparkles) and be saved in .png format. Images should be cropped to the outside edge of the card's frame, removing any part of the image that is not part of the card. (i.e., the in-game background)"

    1. Find someone with the desired card.
    2. Take a screenshot from a proper location; some common examples of proper screenshot locations:
    3. Upload the image to a computer, crop the image to the edge of the card's frame, save the image as a .png file with the card's name, preferably adding the frame color as well, such as "Pirate Queen Alejandra Gold.png"
    4. The image should now be proper and rea…

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  • Sinematic

    Calculating Growth

    June 24, 2014 by Sinematic

    If there's a simpler way to do this, please let me know...

    I have noticed there's quite a few pages lacking growth values, yet otherwise containing all of a cards' stats. With this data, it's actually possible to calculate growth.

    "Max" will be referred to as "silver" and "max+" will be referred to as "gold", to avoid confusion when referring to stats.

    1. You must have a cards' level 1 and max silver stats. If gold stats are available but not silver, divide by 1.3 and round up.
    2. With the cards' silver stats, divide by 1.25 and round up.
    3. Subtract the cards' level 1 stats.
    4. Divide by the amount of level ups this card has. (One less than the cards' max level; e.g., divide by 79 if the card maxes at level 80)
    5. If the result is a multiple of 5, growth most l…

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  • Nev nev

    Newbie here

    June 18, 2014 by Nev nev

    I just started editing wiki, please let me know if I do something wrong. Still trying to figure everything out. ^-^

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  • Altheda


    March 4, 2014 by Altheda

    Come join New Babylon. We are recruiting active and cheerful members!

    The guild of perpetual brawling. Once you enter, you never leave NΣW BλBYLON. We roam the earth, conquering and remaining unified. •Guild Status: ♦️ means we are in a brawl, ❂ means we are in downtime• The rules are simple: brawl, show off your pirates, and enjoy the journey.. -- kakao: Kirazayle or Altheda for more details --


    I am Altheda, if anyone remembers Galaxy Saga, I was guild leader

    of the Pantheon Girls there.

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  • Blazetrion

    Blog Post 1

    February 8, 2014 by Blazetrion

    I get an Achievement for this. Exciting, isn't it?

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  • Sdsjlzsjl

    Story of GOLDEN PEAKs

    January 23, 2014 by Sdsjlzsjl

                                                                        Story of GOLDEN PEAKs
    The pirate queen, once the ruler of seven seas, has vanished! No one knows what happen to her or her powerful treasure... except the sword her bear, the One Sword!!
    Yes, you are not dreaming. Only the humanized one sword know the truth! The truth about the lady who once ruled the seven sea, the truth about her precious treasure!
    A beautiful night 10 years ago...
    "Would you let me go at least when you are sleeping, lady?"
    "Nah~you know I'm nothing without you, baby~"
    "You are the ruler of the seven sea, my lady."
    "Not without my you, sweetie~"
    "You need a real man, not a sword, lady."
    "Nah, no man satisfy me more then you, baby~"
    "That still doesn't means you n…

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  • Maine12329

    Hello! (Nara feels really bad for posting 3 blog posts in a roll >x:) ha! well, whack me if you must :p I'm allowing IP users to vote as well for the time being, but may change this if there are any problems.

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  • Maine12329

    Connection issues

    December 16, 2013 by Maine12329

    Sigh... It's happening once again, but even worse :c

    I haven't been able to access my quarters or rescue page the whole day due to connection issues. I'm able to get around the error in some ways, mainly by accessing the menu through Brawl > Menu > etc. It helps me to join guild brawls even without access to my quarters. But I'm gonna miss today's champagne rescue increase of Dress-up Reesa! =(( super disappointed. Some people have been locked out of the game for an entire week too...

    I hope Aeria does something about this soon, or make a substantial investment in improving their servers, unless they want to lose another paying customer.

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  • Maine12329

    Oh boy oh boy!

    I just downloaded Pirates of Fantasia (Japanese) and Pirates of Fantasy (Simplified Chinese)! I'm lazy to download the Traditional Chinese one... I'm guessing it's similar, if not the same as the simplified.

    I'mma go get me some unreleased cards =) Did you know that 7 star cards are already released in the Japanese version?! And the Japanese version has voice-overs for the story mode?!!!

    If anyone needs help making an account in the other languages,

    the first line is for username,

    second line is for password,

    third line is for invite code.

    And.... in case you want that invite code pirate XD...

    My invite code for the English version is 3ce21

    Invite code for the Japanese version (招待ID) is 88137

    Invite code for the Simplified Chinese ver…

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  • Carlingo

    Font Size

    December 4, 2013 by Carlingo

    Is it me or did the font sizes on the wiki get bigger? Just noticed it today, and I haven't messed with any settings. It's really bugging me. ]:

    (derp meant to put this elsewhere... oh well.)

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  • WittyWeirdo


    November 4, 2013 by WittyWeirdo

    Just noticed this new update in the Japanese game, hope the English one gets it soon. :D

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  • WittyWeirdo

    Awesome Glitch?

    October 25, 2013 by WittyWeirdo

    I've been seeing the Japanese art for the Pixie Archers in the Halloween dungeon XD

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  • Murphs Law

    Wiki Image Request

    September 13, 2013 by Murphs Law

    Heya Pirate Maidens Fans,

    I'm aiming to update the wiki with the best quality images we can get our hands on, and now I'm reaching out to you for help. We need images of pirates in the gold form for the wiki, so if you see a pirate you have gold and are golding and they don't have a good quality/gold/any image on their page I ask you to take a moment and help out the wiki and the community at large.

    Here's how you can do that:

    1. When you enhance a pirate to gold or enhance a gold pirate for the Combo Level, after the enchance you will get a full screen image of the pirate and the changes in stats.

    2. Take a screenshot of this page as soon as you get to it. This is Image #1.

    3. Scroll down so that the bottom of the stats box meets the bottom of…

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  • AudioTuned

    Enhancing Logs

    June 12, 2013 by AudioTuned

    I'm going to start a log of my little experiments with enhancing, primarily speaking about using enhanced cards as jewels.

    Test 1: Gold Summer Wool yielded 690 EXP exactly to an Ascended Mimika. Summer Wool reg yields 120. (Used Summers wools to enhance one another) Result: Fail.

    Test 2: Enhance Summer Wool using other Summer Wool's to silver, and then use as jewel.

    Emerald Test

    Enhancing Emerald Sphinx with itself to silver. (1=120x4=480)

    Current EXP used (in relation to Regular non-common 'nation' cards) including itself: 720 

    Silvered at 720 (5+itself=6)

    Enhancing a Angel Morisa (Currently at level 30; 90/300 EXP): Resulted in 300/300 + 310/310 + 170/320

    Total EXP Gained: 690

    Results and Notes: The value is the same as the golded Summer Wool, I'll be e…

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  • AudioTuned

    So I've noticed that the past few events in Pirate Maidens, hasn't had the sections created for them like the 'Colleen's Sweet Temper' event.

    So I'm wondering what happened? And if there are any people interested in starting them back up again, because giving advanced information on event dungeons and bosses is priceless for players who want to plan ahead.

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  • XMelody

    My defense revolves around Sanctus Pirates. 

    Argona the Unhinged

    Light Admiral Harpo

    Armored Xara

    Onida the Dark One

    Quicksilver Marcy.

    I want to replace Marcy with a Sanctus pirate, so if you can leave a suggestion that would be helpful.~ ^.^

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  • Blaistme

    Hello all!

    I was wondering, does anyone know which pirates are the best for non-paying people?

    Well, I know that on starting, each one will have a Statue of Nereides. Thus during events, using it on the higher rarity pirates will be the best.

    But, other that that and the events.. Does anyone have any idea?

    Well, I am writing this since I am quite fed-up in continuously moving between pirates pages to find some.

    Hope some kind soul out there will be of help..

    Thanks to eveyone and anyone :)

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  • Mia Skye

    Favorite Pirates!

    March 21, 2013 by Mia Skye

    Malina! ^__^

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  • Eclipse-AW

    This is just a collection of my thoughts on building a better Guild.  It's mostly opinion based, and I'm sure that arguments can be made against any of these points.  For the most part, I think this is common sense talking, but I still want to throw this article out there.  Anyway, I'll explain my thinking on Guilds in Pirate Maidens.

    The most important element of a Guild is the Guild Leader.  The Guild Leader cannot be changed and cannot be kicked from the Guild or their position.  The Guild Leader makes most, if not all, of the important decisions for the Guild.  The Guild Leader is the "face" of the Guild and is the most easily found member of any Guild.  Essentially, the Guild lives and dies, and thrives with the Guild Leader.  If the G…

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  • Coeur緣

    I've spent a few hours reading through all of the descriptions & voices of every single pirate and forming trivia's and categories. 

    Could I have people PLEASE HELP proof-read the articles I've made/edited?


    Artemis Clan‏‎

    Circle of Ten‏‎


    Eight Blades‏‎


    Five Tigress General‏‎ 





    Scorpio Bodyguards


    I've added so many trivias I'm confused on what I've changed :L Just as you ever get to look at pirates, could you check the trivias as well? They are quite interesting! XD

    I have created a new page for Worlds as well, so please help check the articles!

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  • Coeur緣

    Right, so I'm in a bit of a dilemna at the moment

    For my crew atm I have a max lvled Livonah/lvl23 Livonah/ max lvled pixie/ pixie/ pixie. (I always use assists)

    So I only use 2 good pirates in my crew. 

    Thanks to the livonahs I always tend to have a -4 ATK cannnon... I don't really understand the cannon system yet but I do understand they effect my atks. 

    I have a few pirates that I need to max lvl and I could potentially use as my 2nd pirate for my crew(I would like to keep one livonah)

    I probably will max lvl all of them some time however I can't decide what pirate to max lvl first/use

    I have:

    - lvl 1 exploror Neria x2: SKILL - ATK +3 cannon

    - lvl 22 Driting sorcerer Ebony: SKILL - all ATK + 10% before cannon applied

    - lvl 23 Livonah: SKILL - AT…

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  • Sinematic

    While we have plenty of pages detailing all of the pirates currently available, we don't have much else. Some things we are lacking and could use:

    • Pages on several game mechanics, including Cannons, Attacking, and Defending.
    • Sortable lists of pirates by things such at stats/stat totals/cost
    • Tips, trivia, etc.
    • Story dialogue

    And I'm sure there's much more, but those are a few off the top of my head.

    Addition 11:01, February 4, 2013 (UTC):

    • Graphic Wordmark, Favicon, etc.
    • Chart of stat points/level
    • Pence cost/pirate at each level

    And with it being 6 AM here, I am rather tired and will now sleep. End of line.

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  • Eclipse-AW

    This one will be mostly uninformative, so read on if you just want to see me rant about something.

    ...still here? >.>

    Okay, so there's this Super Cheerleader Box thing that has a Light Admiral Harpo I've been drooling over.  And seriously, I want that card, because she almost singlehandedly invalidates my previous blog article!  She's amazing!  So I decided to test my luck and buy a few of these boxes.  And you know, I never pulled her.  Not once.  Believe me, I tried.  My wallet knows it.  But you know what REALLY sucks about this box?

    Battle-wise Athena being in the box.

    Yeah, that's right.  I'm bitching about getting the most powerful card in the game.

    I don't know if you guys know this, but this Athena is my fourth.  Quatre.  Cuatro.  Yon. …

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  • Coeur緣


    February 2, 2013 by Coeur緣

    does anybody know how to restat?

    I've been hearing from a few people that thay ahve managed to restat.

    I have NO IDEA how they did it :L 

    anybody know how to do it???

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  • Eclipse-AW

    One of the most frequent questions I'm asked in the game is "should I concentrate more on Attack or Defense?".  Although I am a firm believer that you should always have a solid defense, I believe in attack way more.

    While writing a page for this Wiki, "ATK/DEF to Cost Ratio at Max Level", it was made even more abundantly clear to me that defenders have the worst time in this game.  If you take a look at that page, you'll see that I've listed pirates according to their cost ratios relative to attack and defense, but also if they have a relevant skill or not.  Even with a quick glance, the number of attack skills beat out the number of defense skills by a ratio of more than 7:1.  I realize that the data on the page is incomplete, but this is…

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