Blink of an Eye Manaka

Rarity ★★★★
Cost 33
Nation Maquina
Type Bounty Hunters
Combo Type Combo Fierce0001
Release Date Aug 28, 2014
"I need backup! You there, what are you doing? If me hitting you makes you mad, take that anger and use it to fight! Don't slack off just because you're fighting with the best!"
— Blink of an Eye Manaka

A female warrior that can move at the speed of sound. She has absolute confidence in her speed, and has fun with her opponents by using hit-and-run tactics. Her pride makes her spiteful of those slower than her.


Lvl 1 : 3600
Max  : 6750
Max+: 8775


Lvl 1 : 2800
Max  : 4412
Max+: 5735


Growth Progression:

Skill: Supersonic
ATK +50% against Corsairs

Event Skill: Magic Seal LV 1
Damage +50% vs. Spydelle


Enhance Value:
300 experience

Dismiss Value:
? pence


- Gold/Tidal Rescue during Demon Battle Event


Non-English details
Japanese name 刹那の光陰マナカ
Chinese name
Voice file
Voice actor (J)
Voice actor (E)

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