Black Noble Orson
Black Noble Orson Silver HQ

Rarity ★★★★★★
Cost 37
Nation The Alliance
Type Gypsies
Combo Type Combo Wild0001
Release Date Sep 18, 2014
"I'm going to help Richard achieve his dream. My deceased parents would be proud of me serving such a man."
— Black Noble Orson

Orson is the young head of one of the four great noble families of the Alliance. He has an honest persoanlity, and is an important ally of Richard's. He always acts decisively, believing that his dead parents are ever watching over him.


Lvl 1 : 2100
Max  : 4725
Max+: 6142

Growth: +20

Lvl 1 : 5800
Max  : 13362
Max+: 17371

Growth: +?

Growth Progression: ?

Skill: Together
Alliance DEF +20%


Enhance Value:

Dismiss Value:
? pence


- Gold/Tidal or 5 Maps Rescue during the Princess Rescue Mission


Non-English details
Japanese name
Chinese name
Voice file
Voice actor (J)
Voice actor (E)

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