Analyst Katio

Rarity ★★★
Cost 22
Nation Maquina
Type Bounty Hunters
Combo Type Combo Saucy0001
Release Date Sep 5, 2013
Encounter Message: Commencing analysis!
"We fear that which we do not understand. However, everything that exists has an expiration., if you are able to delve deep enough to find it. We have nothing to fear from the truth."
— Analyst Katio

Katio is something of a genius, able to instantly and effortlessly analyze the most complex situation. When she joins an operation, she calmly deals with every unexpected occurrence. Together, she and Senton are called "Gemini."


Lvl 1 : 1450
Max  : 2331
Max+: 3030

Growth: +20/15/10

Lvl 1 : 2850
Max  : 4806
Max+: 6247

Growth: +40/35/30

Growth Progression: [2-11][12-16][17-30]

Skill: Pulsar
Def +50%


Enhance Value:

150 experience

Dismiss Value:

3162 pence


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