Afton the Two-Faced
Afton Gold

Rarity ★★★
Cost 11
Nation Maquina
Type Bounty Hunters
Combo Type Combo Fierce0001
Release Date Nov 21, 2012
Encounter Message: Waaaaah! Leave me alone!
"Oops! I'm so sorry! I didn't know this was gonna happen...Oh, thank you for the handkerchief. That's very kind of you."
— Afton the Two-Faced

An evil pirate who cries and uses her big breasts to distract her enemies so they will put down their guards. She then stabs them in the heart when their back is turned. No one who knows her true personality is still alive.


Lvl 1 : 1500
Max  : 3118
Max+: 4053

Growth: +40/35/30

Lvl 1 : 1000
Max  : 1768
Max+: 2298

Growth: +20/15/10

Growth Progression: [2-11][12-16][17-30]

Skill: none


Enhance Value:
150 experience

Dismiss Value:
924 pence


-Persuade boss on Floor 120 in the Dungeon of the Succubus.

-Persuade boss in Bellator, Chapter 4, Act 2.

-Persuade after random encounter in the Sky Tower during the Cloudscape Event.



Pre-censor version of Afton the Two Faced

This card has remained censored, though most censored cards were switched back to their uncensored Japanese version during October '13.

Non-English details
Japanese name 双面のアゼリヤ
Chinese name 双面阿泽利亚
Voice file
Voice actor (J) 小林怜未
Voice actor (E) Kobayashi Reimi

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