Having the highest ATK to Cost ratio is a strategy that optimizes one's ATK spending in dungeon events. The most common pirate used to farm event bosses is a Max+ Floral Pixie Merom etc, whose ATK/Cost ratio is 534.

Below is a list of pirates who are good for farming event bosses. Only their Max+ stats are considered.

Pirate name ATK/Cost ratio Total ATK
Fianna the Swift 528 2640
Archive Fairy Epic/
Floral Pixie Merom/
Secluded Salone/
Undine Siren Curine
534 534
(Bling) Golden Gun Amanda 549.67 3298

Grog Fairy Rimm



Enchanting Queen Alvida

553.91 18833
(Bling) Floral Pixie Merom/
(Bling) Undine Siren Curine
561 561
Fire Demon Edana 576.43 12105
Militia Trisha/
Whimsical Lily
577.78 10400
Burning Droplet 585 2925
Blue Lightning Happiness 591.65 10058
Black Bonny Sisay 597 2388
Hot Mess Idola/
Grill Master Bysen
607.46 7897
Rollerskater Rukan 612.40 3062
Home Run Cypress 617.50 6175
Demon Claw Morisa 629.69 10075
Bug Princess Rehm 665.37 12642
Maid Morisa 669.12 11375
Fire Walker Melone 713.69 9278

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